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Monday, November 13, 2017

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Adobe Photoshop Every Tool Explained in Details

This book is a resource for web designers who want to use Photoshop to create better-looking web graphics. Unlike the many other web-related Photoshop books on the market, this book does not encourage you to use Photoshop’s generated HTML code, which, as of this writing, does not use semantic markup or conform to W3C guidelines. I view Photoshop as only one of many tools in the web development process; knowledge of how to actually code a web site using HTML, CSS, and other web languages is equally important but is not covered in this book, which is strictly about using Photoshop to create graphics for web sites. I encourage you to look into the many other resources, both in online and book form, that will teach you the basics of web development if you need to pick up skills in those areas. Unlike other Photoshop books geared towards web designers, this book comes with downloadable files that you can also create yourself, following my instructions! Many of the glossy, colorful books already on the market have stunning web graphics, but provide them in nearly-complete source files that are designed to help you learn a basic principle in Photoshop, but do not actually show you how to create those graphic effects yourself. This book was written to give you some of the building blocks and techniques that will help you to create your own cool web graphics. There’s no need to dedicate several hours each week to work through an extensive “project”—the anthology format of this title allows you to quickly look up a task or effect you’re curious about, and accomplish it immediately, following clearly outlined instructions.

Book Type : Education, Tutorial, Photoshop

Size - 5.25 mb

Pages - 130

Book format : pdf

Language : English

Download link : I. Download
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